Introduction: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Home

In this tutorial, I will show u how to get rid of those annoying fruit flies from your home


  • Apple Cider
  • Empty jar or bottle
  • 8 x 10' paper
  • Scissor
  • Scott tape

Step 1: Pour Apple Cider Into Empty Jar

If you don't have Apple Cider, can add a slice of ripe banana

Step 2: To Make a Cone

Draw circle around the jar

Draw triangle shape as show

Step 3: Cut Out Circle

Also cut out triangle shape. It should look like this.

Tape cone

Step 4: Cut Bottom Hole

This let the fruit flies go in but they can't get out

Step 5: Place Cone on Top of Jar

Place jar in kitchen or area that have fruit flies

I hope this tutorial be helpful to you. :)

Step 6: