Introduction: How to Grow and Manage Long Hair

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1. Give it the brush-off: Right before you wash your hair, be sure to brush your mane thoroughly to distribute the oils down to the ends.

2. Invest in Keratin shampoos: This will align your cuticle and discourage hair breakage.

3. Get deep: Deep condition at least once a week with a rich treatment conditioner like Frederick Fekkai's Essential Shea Conditioner. For best results, leave on at least 5-10 minutes.

4. Use wide-tooth combs for de-tangling: They're gentler on long locks and detangle without breaking delicate strands

5. Put your hair up at night: By ensuring your hair is out of your face, you won't risk breaking and stretching it when you toss and turn throughout the night.

6. Boost growth with biotin: Many swear by this supplement to encourage hair and nail health.

TIPS: Go as long as you possibly can without a haircut and simply get a cut to reshape every few months if you're growing your hair long.
Keeping your hair up at night and out of your face will also help keep your skin clear so that you don't touch your face to your hair when sleeping, as your hair can be full of breakout-causing oils and products.