Introduction: How to Increase the Size of Any Picture Without Having Drawing Skills


Art has always been a passion for many people from all over the world. Art has made people admire the beauty that it has. Many wish to use their minds to create something unique and from their own desire. However, they are afraid to follow their passion of art and to be creative. I remember when I was younger I would always admire Pablo Picasso, and Leonardo Din Vinci arts. Nevertheless, I never thought I would have the skills to draw anything until one day I tried; and since then I changed my whole perspective about art. As you may know, art is more than just drawing, art is creativity, expressing oneself, and a stress reliever for many. Therefore, today I will draw the Idaho State University logo. I will be using a white poster, pencil, black pen, color pencils, ruler, and the logo printed on a regular size paper. This technique will teach you how to draw anything without having drawing skills. I will guide you with 10 steps to make it easier for you to learn. Once you try my technique you can learn how easy it is to draw.

Step 1: Divide the Printed Picture Into Multiple Even Squares

Use the ruler and pencil to divide the logo regular picture into multiple even squares. In this step, you choose how many even squares you divide the picture to. In this example, I divided this picture to 49 even squares.

Step 2: Divide the Poster to the Same Number of Squares

Make sure to increase the size of the squares. Do not press hard when dividing the big poster because these squares will be erased later.

Step 3: Start Drawing the Middle Part of the Picture

The way to do this step is by copying the squares placed in the middle part of the original picture. We start drawing the middle part since it is usually the hardest part. Also, it will make the rest drawing parts go smoothly.

Step 4: Continue Drawing One Side of the Picture

Once you finish drawing the middle part of the picture, start working on either the right or the left side.

Step 5: Complete Drawing the Other Side of the Picture

After drawing one of the sides, finish the other one.

Step 6: Outline the Drawing With the Black Pen

After completing step 5 you should be done drawing the picture. In this step, use the black pen to outline the drawing. Make sure to do this only on the picture, not on the squares.

Step 7: Erase the Even Squares From the Second Step

Erase the squares that you draw in step 2. Make sure that the ink of the pen is dry before you start erasing the squares.

Step 8: Color Every Part That Should Be Colored With Black

With the color pencils start coloring the drawing. Use each color that you need at once. For example: In my drawing I used black color to color every part that should be colored with black.

Step 9: Continue Coloring With the Orange Color Pencil

Do what you have done in step 8 but using the orange color pencil.

Step 10: Finish the Drawing by Using the Yellow Color Pencil

To finish up, we will use the yellow color to finish the coloring steps.

In conclusion, once work is done you should have the same exact picture that you printed but in larger size. This proves that drawing can be as simple as 10 steps only.