How-To Language

Introduction: How-To Language

In this instructable i will be giving you tips on how to learn a language.

Step 1: Culture

A huge part of learning a language is the culture and what countries speak that language. Research their culture and history. Get to know the culture. You'd be suprised on how much culture has to do with the language.

Step 2: Famous Figures

Read about some of that country's historical figures. Get interested in the language and its countries. Don't pick a language that you learn and then realize that you don't like it. Example: if you're learning german you could research beethoven. If you are learning French you could research Napoleon Bonaparte. You get the point.

Step 3: Practicing/Studying

This really goes for anything, you have to PRACTICE. Get some useful apps like Duolingo or Phrasebook! These might not have every language but they are helpful with the languages most people pick. Im sure there is more apps but these are the ones i use.

Step 4: Picking Your Language

Yes, this is kind of a dumb step and i know i shouldve made this the first step but i feel like this needs to be here. Pick a language YOU want to learn and YOU are interested in it. Don't take spanish just because all your friends are, and dont take german because you're part german. Pick a language that you want i mean you are the one who has to learn it right? Before choosing i suggest researching or looking at the benefits of each language.

Step 5: Enjoy! Happy Speaking!

Thank you for reading my instructable. hopefully i might have inspired some of you to learn a language or maybe helped you with one! Please follow and or like if you enjoyed. i would love some feedback (: thanks!

-DIY Beethoven

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    6 years ago

    Thankyou for these helpful tips! For practising, I also recommend online forums and chatrooms (this forum helps me a lot with my English:)).