Introduction: How to Make a Braclet

This is an EASY tutorial of how to loom a bracelet. It may seem hard at first, but you will get the hang of it. This bracelet takes up a lot of string and a lot of your time.

1.) 4 (new) packs of string
2.) Scissors
3.) Loom

Step 1: Step 1

Take each thing of string and take FOUR (4) 2 ft (or more) of each color and tie a knot to the top. (This takes a lot of string!!!)

Step 2: Step 2

Now put the string in the center.

Step 3: Step 3

Now attach the string. Put the first two colors at the top. (Now count the lines!!!) Count down 14 times and put the other two of the same color down. (Number 14 Right, Number 15 Left!!!) Now count 7 down and put another color on the 7th line. On left you will put another string of the same color. (Do this to the opposite side to!!! Same color!!!)Next on the left side you will count 3 down. On the 3rd line you will put a different colored string on its left and you will put another string next to it of the same color. Now count 11 lines down on the opposite side. With the same color you will put a string on the 11th line and put another string next to it on its right. Next you will do the same thing,but counting two on the other side and counting 11 on the other side. If this confuses you there are some pictures (in order of how to do this) ( this was the hardest part!!!)

Step 4: Step 4

This is the last part!!! This part takes a really long time. So you take your top two strings and take the one on your right. Then you pull it down to the same color to the right. Then the part where you just put down the string you take the string of the same color on the left and bring it back up on the left. The strings will look straighter then they were when you do this. For the rest of the bracket you keep doing this and ALWAYS going clockwise. If u don't understand there are some pictures at the top. As you go on you will notice your bracelet growing!! Done!!!!

Step 5: Extra

Your bracelet may get tangled and you don't want this to happen. When you notice this (keep the string on the wheel or loom) and carefully one by one pull the string out.Thank you for reading!!! Please Like!!!

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