Introduction: How to Make a Crazy Loom Candy Cane Charm

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This is a crazy loom candy cane charm. I created the pattern myself but there are many other candy cane charms out there. *You will need 2 looms for this*.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. 2 crazy looms
2. Hook
3. 18 red rubber bands
4. 17 white rubber bands

Step 2: Laying the Bands

Connect you two looms side by side so you have one wide loom. Then take 2 reds and place them on the first peg.

Step 3: Laying More Bands

Then put 2 white bands on the next peg. Continue that pattern until you get to peg 39 on the crazy loom. If you're using rainbow looms stop at the 2nd closest to the top. You should have at least 3 more pegs diagonal to 39 peg. There should be 12 rubber bands on the loom.

Step 4: Even More Laying Bands

Then put 2 reds on the diagonal peg from the white bands. Bands go on like this sorta: \ . Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Then do 2 whites like that again.

Step 5: Even MORE Laying Bands!

Then put 2 red bands going down diagonally. Like this but the bands are going down the loom: / . Then put 2 whites going the same direction. And finally, put 2 reds going just straight down from the last white band peg.

Step 6: Looping Bands

Do not turn your loom yet. Skip the red bands and go to the white bands and go under the red and loop the white bands over the next red. Oh and we're looping the hooked part of the candy cane now. Then go under the white bands and loop the red bands over the next white bands

Step 7:

Then loop the white bands over the red ones. Then loop the red over the white.

Step 8:

Now turn your loom. Loop white bands on pegs 39 and 36 over and place them on 36. Continue looping all the way to the bottom of the loom.

Step 9: Finishing the Candy Cane

Then slip one band through the bottom red bands and tie a knot.

Step 10:

Then carefully pull the candy cane off the loom. It will NOT look like a candy cane. You have to bend the end without the knot until you think it looks like a candy cane. Then the hooked end should have 2 red bands that are just kinda holding the candy cane together. Tie those to bands in a knot. Then you can tuck the two bands into another set of bands so you can't really see the bands.

Step 11: Done!!

Now your candy cane charm is complete!!