Introduction: How to Make a Guard Entrance in Minecraft Pe

Step 1: Building the Start

Use what ever you want I used gold it's is creative mode it is a 3x7-12 building 4 high

Step 2: Doors

Put 3 doors in it 1 block apart

Step 3: Starting of the Tunnel

God down three to four blocks and the turn left or right mine is left then go one block past the door on your house

Step 4: Left or Right

Make two paths one to your house and another away from your house

Step 5: Wrong Way

Make the tunnel going the wrong way first make it how ever far you want and then at the end make the building like you did for the start

Step 6: Right Way to Your House

Make the path to you house now you will have to go up

Step 7: The End

You have now made the entrance to your house harder to reach for unwanted vistiters