Introduction: How to Make A: Mini Rocket

About: I'm a 14 year old who enjoys programming and physics

First this is a simple rocket using pressure second have fun shooting it Into the sky 3rd it was made by my friend so credit goes to him also make it look the way you want it to or it won't look pretty

Step 1: Supplies

You will need a cylinder shape object for the frame of your rocket also get Popsicle sticks, hot glue gun, duck tape, baking soda, vinegar, and a normal water bottle ,with a large bottle

Step 2: Step One

Start to make the body including wings like shown in the picture. You will need to make 4 wings for each side. Now cut around the top of your small bottle. Glue it to the top of your cylinder object

Step 3: Paper Outside

After all the wings are in place make glue or tape paper on the wing frame on all sides now instead of duck tape in the middle try to use tin foil so it gives it a better look if u want

Step 4: Tape

Put tape in the middle of each side

Step 5: Wings With Tape

Put tape on wings corner

Step 6: Hold It in Place Be for Launch

Tape a pop stick near the bottem

Step 7: Color

Color the wings the way you want

Step 8: Pressure

Since it uses pressure for launch you will need to cut the top of ur big bottle and keep the cap and the part where the cap it secured

Step 9: Glue It

Now glue it to the bottom with the hot glue gun like used in the last few steps

Step 10: Then

Now just put the cap on but before that cut a small hole at the bottem then put it on

Step 11: Taking Shape

Now it's taking shape but your not done u need to make fuel but your rocket should start taking place

Step 12: Fuel

For fuel u will use vinegar and baking soda first pour in baking soda to the hollow tube then but don't put any vinegar just yet

Step 13: Fun

Now take it out side and get ready to launch but before leaving your bottle put on the cap and run but the last step is to have fun if u can lol xD just launch it