Introduction: How to Make a Miniature Lego Horse

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Step 1: Pieces You Need

You will need these pieces.
(Shown in picture(s))
Note: I did not take multiple pictures of the same pieces if there was more than one needed.

Step 2: Body

Put the two pieces shown in the picture on top of each other. Make sure the part you can connect stuff to is facing the opposite way of the other one.

Step 3: Saddle

Take the 2 by 1 piece with the dot in the middle on top of the two hook pieces.

Step 4: Front Legs

Take the two 2 by 1's and one of the 1 by 1's and put the 1 by 1 on top of the 2 by 1. As shown in the picture. Do this twice for the front legs.

Step 5: Connect the Front Legs

Connect the legs you just created to the part of the body that is higher. Shown in picture. Make sure the bottom of the Legos are facing backwards.

Step 6: Back Legs

Take the 1 by 1's with the hook and put them in the other end. You don't have to connect these to any other piece but the body.

Step 7: Head

Take the 1 by 1 big piece with the dot on the side and connect it to the 1 by 1 flat piece with the hook. Them take the mini slant piece and put it on top of the 1 by 1 big piece. Then add a 1 by 1 piece to the dot on the side to make the ears. Shown in picture.

Step 8: Connect the Head

Connect the head by the longer front legs. Shown in picture.

Step 9: Tail

Add the tail to the back.

Step 10: Add Micro Figure

Add your micro figure if you have one.

Step 11: Finish


Your horse looks awesome!

I also am going to make an Instructable on how to make a chicken, a duck, a cat, and a chihuahua dog.