Introduction: How to Make a Recycled Lava Lamp!

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This lava lamp is safe and easy, comes in different size, colors, and is extremely portable! So lets get to it! :D

Step 1: What You Need!

This is too simple, you can find nearly all of this in a corner store. First things first you need a bottle, anykind will work. You will need food coloring. And you will also need vegetable oil, you can also use sunflower or olive but vegetable oil is cheaper. (OPTIONAL) if you want you can invest in some akazelter tabs and a flashlight.

Step 2: Set Up

Now fill the bottle 3/4 with oil, top it off with water until the bottle fills. The water will drop to the bottom, this is where you add you choice of food coloring. Colors such as purple, red, and green look nice. Just as the water did the dye will head to the bottom. DO NOT MOVE THE BOTTLE WHILE THIS HAPPENS. It will just take long for the water to change color.

Step 3: BUBBLEZ....

To cause the bubbles to form adding akazelter tablets will push the water upwards and back down. Unfortunately this will only last for so long but its cool when it happens. And you can continue to add more tablets.

Step 4: BUBBLEZ...

If you cant afford or find akazelter you can easily tip the bottom from side to side. The water will try its best to push through the oil sinking to the bottom!

Step 5: Let There Be Light!!!

This is an optional but very cool. You pretty much put a flashlight under the bottle. This will illuminate the colors and look way awesome if you add the akazelter tablets! Hopefully you enjoyed the Instructable and don't forget to like and subscribe!

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