Introduction: How to Make a Rubber Band Loom Braclet

This is my first indestructible sorry if its not the best.;)

Step 1: Loop On

Put rubber band onto second peg pull rubber band over to first peg. Repeat.

Step 2: Till Covered

Do so till row is covered.

Step 3: Next Row

Repeat steps on this row.

Step 4: Last Row

Loop on till last row is covered.

Step 5:

Your loom should look as pictured.

Step 6: Last Step Till Hooking

Put another rubber band over 3 pegs in the shape of a triangle. See picture. Keep doing this up the loom. DO NOT put one on the top three pegs!!!!

Step 7: First Hooking

Push back the top band that is in the shape of a triangle and hook the bottom band and pull it over to the next peg. Do this up one row at a time.

Step 8: Second Hooking

Hook in the same way as the first row till the second row is done.

Step 9: Last Hooking

Hook the last row the same way as the first two rows.

Step 10: Removing From Loom.

Go to the top where you did not put a "triangle." Pull the rubber bands from the side pegs onto middle peg. Now put your hook through all the rubber bands on the top-middle peg and pull bracelet off.

Step 11: Extension and Clip

Take all rubber bands on hook and transfer into clip. Loop more rubber bands on first row as you did in step one but coming from top peg down. Only put as many as you would need for size of wrist. Add the end rubber band that is hanging from first design to the last peg that you put a band on. Hook together by taking end of rubber band and pulling over to next peg, repeating. At the end, put hook through rubber bands on last peg and pull off. Attach end to other side of clip to close your bracelet.

Step 12: Wear Your Bracelet! :)

Hope you enjoy :)