How to Make a Spinning Duck (with Off/On Switch)

Introduction: How to Make a Spinning Duck (with Off/On Switch)

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need: - 1 knife switch - 1 motor with mount - 1 9 volt battery with snap-on leads - 1 rubber ducky of your choice - 3 alligator clip clamps (optional)

Step 2: Connect Circuit: Knife Switch

1. Open knife switch. 2. Attach an alligator clip to each terminal.

Step 3: Connect Circuit: 9 Volt Battery

1. Attach one alligator clip from switch to one lead from the 9 volt battery. 2. Attach second lead from 9 volt battery to a third alligator clip.

Step 4: Connect Circuit: Motor

1. Connect one wire from motor to free clip from 9 volt battery. 2. Connect other wire from motor to free clip from circuit. 3. Motor will not operate because knife switch is open.

Step 5: Add the Duck!

1. If there is not yet a hole in the bottom of your duck, make one! 2. Push the duck down on to the motor shaft. 3. You may want to support the motor between two tables for ease of spinning.

Step 6: Complete the Circuit

1. Close the knife switch to start your duck twirling! 2. When your duck is nice & dizzy, open the switch to stop the spinning!

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