Introduction: How to Make a Taffy Braid Rainbow Loom Bracelet

This is what the bracelet will look like when you are finished. I recommend using 3 different colors for this bracelet. Before you put the bands on in the next step make sure that you double all the bands, if you think I mean make a cap band I don't, you just need to get two bands and put them on top of each other.

Step 1: Putting the Bands On

Make sure the arrow is facing you. You start at the arrow/top and zig zag down... but make sure you do the double bands. Then you put a cap band on the very bottom peg.

Step 2: Hooking

You are going to start at the cap band and put your hook in the peg you will pull back the top two and grab the bottom two. Then you will bring the two bands forwards onto the peg in front of it. You will do the same thing on the peg to the right of it. You will do that same thing until you get to the end. when you get to the end put your hook in the last left peg and grab the bottom two but this time you need to bring the bands to the last right peg.

Step 3: Taking the Bracelet Off

You are going to put your hook in the last peg/the peg with the arrow on it. Make sure you put it all the way in. Then you need to take it off but make sure you get all the bands then you will just take all of it off. Then just stretch your bracelet until it starts to curl.

Step 4: Putting the Bracelet Together

Now we are going to make an extension. I am using thirteen bands. You will start at the arrow/top and do a zigzag down. And do double bands again. If you are going down 13 then you will need 26 bands. Then put the bracelet on the bottom peg. Then put your hook in the peg tat you put the bracelet on, pull back the bands and grab the bottom two. Then put the two bands on the peg to the right of it, then grab the bottom two that's on the right peg and bring it to the left peg. Do that all the way up the loom. Then put a c clip on all the bands that are on the peg tat has the arrow on it. Then pull it off and connect it to the other side of the bracelet...... My bracelet is a different color now because mine fell apart.

Step 5: Your Bracelet Is Done

This is what your bracelet should look like when your done.

.......Sorry about the background this is my first instructable.