How to Make a Toy Bear by Laren

Introduction: How to Make a Toy Bear by Laren

Hello! Please excuse my instructable because the absence of pictures also for the extra step at the end. There should be only 11 steps to this instructable. Anyways, I hope you find this instructable useful if you want to make a toy or teach others how to construct this amazing project.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

1) For cutting your template you need

to use a ban saw.

2) Drill press for axil holes.

3) Also, you will need a drill bit of course to size the axils.

4) A 1” inch belt sander for sand your toy.

5) Router table with ¼” round over bit to make you r toy have round edges.

6) As always you will need SAFETY GOGGLES!


1) Axles and wheels. I prefer 1.25” wheels and axles for your toy.

2) Wood glue for glue your axles on.

3) Any color of paint of your choice to paint your animal.

4) 2”x6” stock (scrap). To make a template.

5) 1/8” ply or MDF for cutting template. You could even card stock or cardboard.

Step 2: Step 2: Find a Photo

On the

web, find a photo of an animal that you have chosen for your toy.

· A side view photo an animal is preferred.

· I have chosen to do a bear which was pretty difficult to make, but a bunny, giraffe, and fish are pretty good animal for this project.

If not chosen to have side view photo, it will be extremely challenging

Step 3: Step 3: Print Your Image

1) Import you’re your image into a

word document.

2) Resize the image to what size you want have as long it fits in a child’s hand.

3) Exaggerate features to make a cartoonish idol of the image.

4) If it has a tail you have a choice to put a leather strap or piece of rope.

5) Will the horns, flippers, or ears be a block of wood or added before painted?

6) Trace the animal onto a template MDF.

7) Combine legs when you are tracing ad think where your wheels will go.

Step 4: Step 4: Create a Template

Once you

have a paper template of your toy trace onto a 1/8’ plywood or MDF. This will make the template stronger and won’t move or rip. Once that Is done you need to cut it out using the ban saw.

Step 5: Step 5: Cutting Your Toy

1) Trace your template onto your wood.

2) When the template is traced onto your wood, cut it out on your bansaw.

3) When your toy is cut out, use your paper template where you have marked your axils and trace those also onto your wood.

4) Make sure your marks are visible on your toy.

Step 6: Step 6: Drilling Your Axle Holes

1) Your axle holes must be an

appropriate size for your toy.

2) Find your drill bit.

3) Make sure you punch or make a little dent where you will put your axle holes. This will help you drill the axle better.

4) Put a piece of wood below your toy so the drill bit won’t be damaged against the table.

5) Carefully drill your axle holes.

Step 7: Step 7: Router the Edges

The router

will make the toy round so it is safer for a child to hold.

1) Test router bit on a scrap of wood first. Adjust height if necessary.

2) Router the entire outside of your toy animal. Tougher ad harder to reach place will have to sanded by hand.

Step 8: Step 8: Sanding Your Animal

1) Sand all tool marks until they are

no longer visible.

2) Start at 150 and going 220.

3) Make sure to check all tool marks and flaws are no longer to be seen.

Step 9: Step 9: Paint Your Toy


is where it involves your creativity and imagination. Paint with as much or little details as you want.

Step 10: Step 10: Glue in Your Axles and Attach Your Wheels

1) Check to make sure your axles are

fitting snuggling into the axle holes.

2) Place a small amount of wood glue in the axel holes.

3) Put the axle through the wheel.

4) Put the axle and wheel into the glued hole.

5) Leave some room so that you wheels
can spin.

6) Repeat throughout all four wheels.

Step 11: Step 11: YOU ARE FINISHED

Congrats! You made your very own toy. It could be a gift to a child or you can just keep it. Once again Congrats and enjoy your toy, have fun and check out other toy instructables.

Step 12:

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