Introduction: How to Make a Travel Board Game

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This is a mini travel board game for 2 players! I had previously made this before I made this tutorial so not every step will be shown.

Step 1: Supplies

1. Altoids tin
2. 2 index cards
3. Different colored markers or pens
4. At least 2 mini circle magnets
5. Dice
6. Nail polish or non washable paint
7. Chalkboard paint
8. Tape
9. Scissors
10. Chalk

Step 2: Container

Take the Altoids tin and the chalkboard paint and a paintbrush and paint the BOTTOM of the tin with chalkboard paint. If you paint the top, it won't work with chalk because the top isn't smooth. All you have to do is paint it like normal paint.

Step 3: Board Game Instructions

Cut out about 4" by 2" from one of the index cards. Fold it in half. This will be the instructions.

Step 4: Board Game

Trace the tin with the other index card and cut it out. This will be the board game.

Step 5: Writing Instructions

On the front of the instruction card, write:

Board Game
2 players
(Draw picture of board game here)

I just made up an age so you don't have to add that or you can change it if you like.

Step 6: Inside of Instructions

On the inside, write:
1. Choose a game piece
2. Take turns rolling dice
Land on Peanut Brittle! Go back to start.
Land on purple and orange circle, you win!
Land on yellow circle, get bonus turn!

The colors don't have to be the same. I also just drew the purple and orange circle and the yellow circle instead of writing it.

Step 7: Designing Board Game

If you want, you don't have to draw your game like mine. But I will just show you how to draw one like mine. You can change the colors and stuff about everything on the board game. The game pieces probably won't fit on the circles, so I just put them on top even though they cover about 2 spaces. If you want to do one like mine, just copy it off the picture, or you can create your own. Then you can put tape on the back of the game board and stick it on the inside of the top cover.

Step 8: Game Pieces

For the game pieces, you will need at least 2, but I would suggest making a few extra incase you lose one. You need at least 2 very small magnetic circles. Then paint the circles with nail polish or paint. I painted mine with nail polish. You only need to paint one side.

Step 9: Finishing Your Board Hame

Now that everything is done, you can put everything inside the little case! The magnets will stick if your Altoids case is metal. You will also need a dice to play. (Like I said in the beginning, I made this a couple years before I made this tutorial, so I don't have everything anymore. I couldn't find the chalk, so that's not pictured. But if you did the chalkboard paint correctly, then it will work just like a chalkboard. ) you also might want to keep a little piece of paper towel for an eraser for the chalkboard. Now your game is finished!!