Introduction: How to Make an Adorable Bunny

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you create your funny, you'll need to gather the following supplies. You won't need markers, White, and colored card stock paper. You can cut the shapes out to make the rabbit by hand, but I prefer to use the cricket mini because the shapes are easier to make. So, if you don't have a circuit, don't worry, it just may be a little trickier. (You also need glue and a gemstone)

Step 2: Create Your Shapes

Now, I'm going to show you pictures of the templates I created it all by myself and you can copy the look on your cricket, or the hand. It took me a little while to get the shapes just right, so you may need to experiment a little bit as well. Also, I wanted to make these in bulk so I made a template that could fit several at a time. If you would like to make only one at a time, you could probably fit all the accessories on one white sheet of paper. Then, cut out the hearts and flowers on a colored piece of paper.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Images

Next, cut out the shapes out by hand, or on the cricut, then lay them out in neat piles according to the shape.

Step 4: Make Eyes

Follow the pictures I added to this step, you can understand how to make the eyes for your cute little bunny. Follow the pictures in order. Make sure to use the little ovals, not the big ones. First, you need to make up black circle inside each oval. Next make a little triangles to make their glint of The, fill in the eyes with Black. After that, get any color that you think looks nice, and make a small ring around the black part of the eye. Then, you're finished!

Step 5: Put the Body Together

The first step is to flip over the larger heart, and then put a little glue on the end of the smaller heart, and then stick them together. This will form the body. Next, apply it a dot of glue to each of the long ovals, for these will be the ears. Then, glue them behind the head. After you do that, put a dot of Glue on red heart, and then stick it in the middle of the rabbits body. Then, after that, you will take the 2 medium sized ovals. Then, you will glue those in anyway you wish, for these will be the arms. Next, you will put glue behind eyes, and then glue them onto the face. Then, you'll begin decorating the face.

Step 6: Decorate Face

The next step is to draw the face. make a small pink triangle, then making 2 j-shaped arcs coming down from under it. Then you will make three dots and triangular pattern on each side of these of these Arcs.This will be your rabbits mouth. Next, make two large pink arcs inside your bunnies Ear.Then, fill them in with pink. You're finished decorating the face. The next step is to make three little lines at the end of your paws so it looks like he or she has fingers.

Step 7: Add Flower

Now, glue behind the flower, and stick it on it right or left ear. After you do this, you may want to stick a little gemstone in the center of it, after you do this, you're finished!

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