How to Make Chocolate Spread for Your Waffles

Introduction: How to Make Chocolate Spread for Your Waffles

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Step 1: You Will Need.....

- A bag of nestle chocolate chips (any type)
- Waffles (any type)
- Microwave
- A plate/bowl (microwavable)
- A spoon (bowl), a butter knife (plate)

Step 2: Toast Waffles

Of course you need to eat the waffles!

Step 3: Pour in Some Nestle Chocolate Chips in a Bowl.

I used white chocolate chips.

Step 4: Microwave the Bowl of Chocolate Chips

Step 5: Smash the Microwaved Chips With a Spoon

Step 6: Now Slide the Chocolate Cream Across the Waffle

It tastes like Hershey cookies and cream!

Step 7: It's Done!

Enjoy or share it

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