How to Make Chopsticks Easier to Use




Introduction: How to Make Chopsticks Easier to Use

If there's two things that are embarrassing in an Asian restraunt, Its asking for a plate of buffalo wings, and not knowing how to use chopsticks, resorting to stabbing at your food.

While I couldn't fit the solution to the first in a 30 second video, here's a common solution to the second. (Just make sure you bring a rubberband with you when you go out to eat.)

"Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting" is copyright by Some-Guy-Who-Probably-Knows-Nothing-About-Asian-Culture-And-Ignorantly-Refers-To-It-In-Music-For-His-Own-Personal-Gain Inc. ...Just kidding, I think its actually owned by Carl Douglas. Please don't sue me, Mr. Douglas.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Chopsticks aren't actually used to pick up stuff, because people also use this to eat rice and this is impossible to do unless the rice sticks together.
    Chopsticks are actually used as a sort of spoons while holding your ricebowl against your mouth.

    But still a nice way to make the american way of chopstick use easier.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I love this trick.  I don't carry a rubberband with me though.  If you take a straw wrapper and roll it up, it will work as a rubber band.