How to Make Climbing Holds Out of Bowling Balls




Introduction: How to Make Climbing Holds Out of Bowling Balls

Large holds for home climbing walls are expensive, so getting creative can save some cash. Bowling balls are made of similar material as commercial holds and can be easily cut into climbable shapes. In the video below I cut a bowling ball in half that I picked up for $4 at a thrift store, drilled bolt holes, and made two huge slopers. Want different shapes? The sky is the limit if you have a reciprocating saw and a drill. Wear goggles, a dust mask, and be safe. It is a good idea to fill the pockets/finger holes with something so they aren't so deep that someone's fingers get stuck during a fall. Good luck and climb hard!

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    1 year ago

    hi! thanks for the instructable!
    Don't you think it's a super super dangerous hold?
    I can see how you can lose a finger inside of one hole...
    that's also why first rule in climbing is never put your finger in anchors.