Introduction: How to Make Harry Potter Ornaments

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in this video i show you a simple Tutorial for make a special Ornaments for Christmas!
in this case about Harry Potter saga, in particular:The Golden Snitch

Check this video for see the final result and other incredible Ornaments like "The Pokeball Ornaments"

PS: Yes it is in italian, but you can not understand the audio and see only the video, it's really simple Trust me ;)

Step 1: What You Need?

The components is really few:
-Alluminum Cup
-Gold Christmas Ball (preferably the small for effect simlar to Golden Snitch)
-Hot Glue

The Tutorial it's composed by two part:
-the wings
-the body of golden snitch

Step 2: Make the Wings!

For make the wings use the cup of aluminum and a pair of scissor or a cutter.
Cut in half and refine the edge to make a single piece like the photo.
Now with a pen or marker draw a body of the wing and cut the shape

For more realistic wing you can cut a little stripes on the edge

Remember to realize two pair of wings!

Step 3: The Body of Golden Snitch

For make this you don't need a particular tool, only your creativity and good ability to draw.

Use a hot glue gun and try to make the similar design to golden snitch.

After the glue is cold you can assembly the silver wings with a drop of glue.

Your golden snitch is finish!

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