Introduction: How to Make Ice Cream (3 Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Dragon Fruit With Watermelon)

It is always good to have ice cream in this scorching hot day to chill out. If having an ice cream with your favorite flavors of fruits or other things (you name it) would be great. Besides, with this recipe you can make your ice cream with a nice creaminess and texture yet easy. I learnt this from my school, I was like in heaven when I tried the ice cream, and so I decided to redo at my condo and share to y'all, with some variations as well. By the way, this is my first post in instructables, hope y'all like it. If you think I deserve a vote, please do as you pleased. ^o^

I used heavy-duty blender machine, thermomix, but you can use ice cream maker or without any machine at all. In first step, I'll instruct you to use saucepan to prepare the mixture. And then, separate into 3 ways of doing.

First, we'll need to make an ice cream base which I have used is vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients for
Vanilla ice cream:
1kg milk
64g skim milk powder
482g heavy cream (fat content at least 35%)
69g egg yolks
278g sugar
40g powdered glucose*
4g vanilla pod*
4g vanilla extract
10g stabilizer*

-Powdered glucose is added to prevent crystallization of sugar
-Use vanilla pod if available. If not use 8g of vanilla extract
-Stabilizer is to reduce iciness.

P. S. #Please follow the recipe as EXACT as possible. You can reduce the recipe, but the ratio of ingredients must be correct in order to achieve same texture and result.

Step 1: Cook and Pasteurize the Mixture

¤In a saucepan, bring milk and milk powder, start to warm the mixture and stir with whisk.

¤Check the temperature with thermometer. At 37 °C, add sugar, powdered glucose, cream and vanilla extract.

¤When about 50 °C, mix egg yolks and stabilizer in.

¤Pasteurize the mixture at 85 °C for 2-3 minutes. Take off the heat, and cool down for awhile.

And now the base mixture for ice cream is done~

Step 2: Chill It Out

*****Freeze all the mixture if using this method*****

*for thermomix machine or heavy-duty blender machine:
¤Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze it.

*****Please use only one-third of the mixture for either these two methods if want to save it for other two flavors*****

*for ice-cream maker:
¤Pour into a container and chill for 12 hours in chiller.

*without machine:
¤Pour into a container and freeze it partially.

Step 3: Base Ice Cream Is Done

*for thermomix machine or heavy-duty blender machine:
¤Put the frozen mixture cubes into the machine and slowly turn up the machine from lowest speed to highest speed.

*for ice-cream maker:
¤Churn the mixture until smooth and done for about 20 minutes.

*without machine:
¤Take out from the freezer and whisk  the mixture for every 45 minutes to 1 hour with a whisk or electric hand mixer or hand blender. And then put it back to freezer.
¤Repeat it until it is smooth and without any ice crystals.

Now we are ready to move on to other flavored ice cream.

Step 4: Chocolate Ice Cream

Ingredients: (for one-third of the mixture)
3-5 tbsp cocoa powder or chocolate (broke into small pieces)

*for thermomix machine or heavy-duty blender machine: (do this at step 3)
¤add cocoa powder or chocolate along with the frozen mixture cubes into the machine and blend together.

*for ice-cream maker and without machine: (do this at step 2)
¤mix the cocoa powder or chocolate (melted*) into the mixture before pour into a container.

-chocolate can melted by using microwave or double boiling.
-if you like something different, you can use green tea powder or coffee powder or anything you can imagine.

Step 5: Dragon Fruit & Watermelon Ice Cream

1 dragon fruit, into dices
1/8 watermelon, slices

*for thermomix machine or heavy-duty blender machine:
¤Freeze the fruit in freezer until frozen
¤add the frozen fruits in, in step 3, with the frozen mixture cubes and blend together.

*for ice-cream maker and without machine: (do this in step 2)
¤blend the fruit into puree and mix into the mixture before pour into a container.

-try any of your favorite fruit as you like, Dragon Fruit and watermelon is my favorite~~
-must take note that using fruits with high water content, such as watermelon, will make more ice crystals when frozen, so it is better you add extra cream.

Step 6: Assemble & Decor the Ice Cream

A beautiful and attractive ice cream is really lovely and mouthwatering feeling. It is always better to feast your eye before you enjoy the ice cream, you will feel much happier that you accomplished such an easy yet pretty and delicious ice cream.

So what I did was place a few pieces of watermelon and dragon fruit into a glass and a big hip tbsp of vanilla ice cream and then chocolate and dragon fruit watermelon. Lastly, place a piece or couple on the ice cream and don't forget to scoop the each of the ice cream to put on top with melon baller.

You can play around with the plating and design, and make something creative. Enjoy your own ice cream ~~

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