How to Make the NK WindFunnel Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the NK WindFunnel Paper Airplane

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Hello and thank you for taking a look a t my newest paper airplane design;the NK WindFunnel-a very unconventional style of plane.

The NK WindFunnel paper airplane has a unique way of flying because it has funnels under each wing to force air downward as the plane moves forward, thus producing lift. This allows the plane to fly farther at a smoother trajectory.

Following are steps you can follow to create your own NK WindFunnel paper airplane.

Step 1: Paper

For this airplane you will only need one piece of paper.

Step 2: Fold One

Take your piece of paper and set it in portrait (vertical) format. Next, fold it in half "hot dog style" (longways) so that the fold is pushing up towards you.

Step 3: Folds 2-6

Fold each top corner over the center line as shown, leaving a small amount of unfolded paper near the center of the top. Next, fold the tips of the folds over so that the two corners meet at the center line. Finally, fold the top of the paper down as shown.

Step 4: Folds 7-10

Fold back the paper again, and then do a basic 'M' fold as shown to create wings. Next, fold in the front corner of each wing to create a cone-shaped airplane.

Step 5: Done!!!

Congratulations! You now have your very own NK WindFunnel paper airplane! Enjoy!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a neat paper airplane. Unique as the front is different to the usual pointed ones. Good job!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! If you look underneath the flaps form a funnel under the wings, hence the name. :)