How to Make Your Lipstick Stay All Day.




Introduction: How to Make Your Lipstick Stay All Day.

Step 1: Prep.

Start off with your lips, nothing on them. I take my elf exfoliating lipstick and scrub my lips, before applying a thin layer of lip balm, I'm using a mini Revo in strawberry.

Step 2: Lipstick Time.

Take your lipstick and a lip brush. First you outline your lips with the brush, then fill them in, still using the brush, and then you apply the lipstick directly.

Step 3: Final Mission.

Take a powder brush, some translucent powder or baby powder, and a piece of toilet paper. Take the toilet paper and make it single ply, and put it over your lips. Generously apply powder to your brush and brush it over the paper. It'll leave your lips matte and make your lipstick last longer.

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