Introduction: How to Make an Apocalyptic Stove

It's turning to night and you need something to cook your beans and meat in. You can hear the zombies screaming in the distance. If you don't get something in you soon, you'll end up dead. Lucky for you, you found this set of instructions on how to build an apocalyptic stove.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Warning! These dimensions are from my stove. You don't have to use them exactly, just something close to them.


  • Two large tin cans with a height of about 17.7 cm and a diameter of 15.5 cm
  • One medium can with a height of about 11.3 cm and a diameter of 10.2 cm
  • Two small cans with a height of 10 cm and a diameter of 6.5 cm
  • Wire/metal cutters
  • Cement gun
  • Wire mesh
  • Dirt, fertilizer, or sand
  • Wire or metal coat hanger
  • Pot or pan to cook food
  • Wood pellets/chips or something to burn for the fire
  • A match or something to light the fire

Step 2: Construct the Stove

The first step is to take the two large cans. Cut of the top and bottom of one of them and the top off the other. You can do this by drilling a hole and using the wire cutters to cut the rest off. Stack the two cans vertically and cement them together using the cement gun. The two cans stacked together will serve as the base of the whole stove.

Step 3: Construct the Stove

Next, cut a hole near the bottom of the can stack. The hole should have a diameter a little bigger than 10.2 cm so you can fit in the medium can. The hole should be about 1 cm up from the bottom. The reason for this is because most cans go up a little on the bottom so in order to fit the can in you need to raise the hole up from the bottom.

Step 4: Construct the Stove

After this, cut the top off of the medium can. Then in the side of the medium can, cut a hole with a diameter of 6.5 cm. Place the medium can inside of the big can stack. The open end should be sticking out and the hole in the side should be facing up. The medium can will serve as the place where air flows in and where the fire is. You can now seal together the big and medium can.

Step 5: Construct the Stove

The next step is to get the two small cans. Cut the tops and bottoms off of both of these cans. Then, cut one of the small cans so it only has a height of 6 cm. Stack these two cans vertically and seal them together. These small cans will serve as the smoke stack where the heat rises into. Take the smoke stack and place it into the hole in the side of the medium can. Make sure the smoke stack goes about 2.5 cm into the medium can. The reason for this is so that the smoke stack is steady. You can now seal the medium can and the smoke stack together.

Step 6: Construct the Stove

Now, drill four holes into the side of the big can stack. The holes should be about 2.5 cm above the smoke stack. Make sure the holes are evenly spaced apart. The reason the holes are 2.5 cm above the smoke stack is because the cooking pot will be placed at the level of the holes. You want to make sure that heat can flow between the pot and the smoke stack because otherwise there wouldn't be airflow. Next, take the wire or metal coat hanger and cut it so you can run it through the holes. It should form a cross hair.

Step 7: Construct the Stove

After that, you need to take the wire mesh and place it into the medium can. The purpose of the mesh is so you can place your wood pellets/chips on it to burn and the ashes will drop down below the mesh.

Step 8: Construct the Stove

The last step is to place your dirt in the area surrounding the smoke stack. This is needed for insulation so no heat can escape.

Step 9: You Are Finished!

You are now done. Your stove should look something like this. Hopefully now you will last a couple more days.