Introduction: How to Manage Project Costs Etc...

I have made a piece of software that allows you to manage materials and other things that you are going to need for you project. It took about 3 days to make. It is simple yet functional and a great program for generally managing anything. The program requires one file which it creates if you dont have it. The file will be created in the same folder as the application. There is no install seen as i dont like the deployment method of vb so just drag the app onto your desktop or wherever ! Have fun and email me if you like it or there are any problems.

PS. I take requests for software so again just email me :) 

Step 1: Running the Application

To run it simply double click the application. It may create a text file called Library.txt in the same folder that it is in. This file is where your presets will be stored you dont need to do anything else in terms of setting it up.

Step 2: The Interface

The interface is very user friendly and provides everything you need. See the pictures for more detail on the controls.

Step 3: Where to Get It !

I have uploaded it to a site and you can get it here:

Version 2 Is Here ! Get it here :

Hope you enjoy it :) and remember...

If you list things then it makes the whole process so much easier for yourself. I like to list the things that i need for building something or modding something. At the moment I am building a computer which was part of the reason for me making this piece of software.

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