Introduction: How to Mark a Year on the Time Line Between Really Big Difference Years

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Hi Today I'm gonna tell you how to mark a certain year on the timeline between to bug distance years.

Step 1: How to Make a Timeline

First make a line then make 2 edges write a year on each and choose which year you want to mark. For this time I'm marking 1742 between 1572 and 2015

Step 2: Find the Middle Now How to Find the Middle

First subtract both of the years so 2015-1572= 0443 So now divide 443 into 2= 222 There is a remainder so always when there is a remainder round to the next number. Make a bubble around the time line like the picture and write 443, That will say that the difference between the years

Step 3: Find the Middle 2

So now add 1572+222=1794 now you know the middle is 1794.Now you don't need the right side because 1742 can not fall there so if you are confused cross out the right side. I'm doing that to show you.

Step 4: Do the Same

Now find the between of 1572 and 1794 by subtracting them. It would be 222 so make a bubble representing the difference. Now 222 divided by 2 is 111. Add 1572 and 111=1683 you can cross out the left side. Difference between 1683 and 1794 is 111. Divide by two = 55.5 round = 56. 1683+56 is 1739. So 1739 And 1742 have a difference of 3 so when the difference is under 10 do nothing go a little bit further and you have 1742.

Step 5: Done

You are done this is a easy way to find out

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