How to Peel Small Potatoes

Introduction: How to Peel Small Potatoes

Small potatoes are hard to peel fast without cutting the sh** out of your hand. This guide provides a rough way to get around that.


Knives are sharp. Vegetable peelers are also sharp. Use caution handling these tools and use care to ensure you don not injure yourself. I am not responsible for any bodily harm that comes to you while following this guide.

Usefulness Disclaimer:
I know this isn't really creative but I found it useful and didn't have the parts needed for using the drill, bucket of water and scrub brush method. If this helps you, great, if not, oh well.

Step 1: Jab Knife Into Potato

Find a dull knife or butter knife. Take the potato and jam your knife through the middle of the potato lengthwise. If it is perfectly circular just put it through the center anywhere.

Step 2: Peel Over Wounds

Take the knife out and peel the skin from the entrance and exit wounds of the potato.

This is done so you don't struggle to take the skin off where the knife is sticking through because doing that takes longer and makes using this method pointless.

Step 3: Reinsert Knife & Peel

At this point you can replace the potato back on the knife and begin peeling. I hold the knife out like you're grabbing handlebars and use the other hand to peel perpendicularly to the knife. This helps you avoid skinning your fingers or hands.

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    6 years ago

    very simple but handy. Nice!