How to Play Card Yahtzee

Introduction: How to Play Card Yahtzee

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Step 1: You Will Need

One deck of cards.

Step 2: Card Values

2 2s are 2 points, 3 2s are 4 points, 4 2s are 6 points, etc. Any kind of straight is 50 points. Face cards are worth 20 points if doubled. Aces are worth 30 points if doubled. If you have three of one card, two of another card, and one of another card, it is worth 50 points.

Step 3: To Start

To start deal one person 8 cards.

Step 4: Finding Points

They find as many points as they can find. You then keep the card points that you found.

Step 5: Discarding Cards

Give your opponent the cards that you did not use.

Step 6: Opponents Turn

Your opponent takes as many cards as he or she needs to bring their card number up to 8 cards.

Step 7: Repeating

Repeat from step 4.

Step 8: Finishing the Game

The game finishes when you give your opponents 8 discarded cards.

Step 9: Name the Game

I have no name for this card game, so comment what you think a good name would be, and I will pick my favorite.

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