Introduction: How to Play I've Got a Feeling- Black Eyed Peas on Guitar

Step 1: Capo

First put capo on 4th fret. If you don't have a capo it sounds just the same.

Step 2: Beginning

First you will play a G chord. If you don't know how to play a G cord look in the images. Strum 4 times and if you don't understand them in the pics ask me in the comments and I will describe them for you. This goes for all the chords in the song.

Step 3: Part 2

Bar the bottom 2 strings and then add 2 fingers at the top 2 strings put them together and strum 2

Step 4: Almost There

Remove the 1 finger at the bottom and strum 2 times

Step 5: Little Bit More

Play a C chord and strum 8 times.

Step 6:

Play an Em chord and strum 8 times again.

Step 7:

Last play a C chord and strum 8 times. Repeat. Thanks for watching. Tripp