Introduction: Step 1

So I'm sure this game has something to do with a small figure and a stick???
Now, it's time I first play this game so...let's see how it works.

Step 1: Step 2


Step 2: Step 3

How to play : you hold on to the screen to stretch the stick according to how far away the next platform is.
This game is a little hard itself but is a good way to pass time :)

Step 3: Step 4

Some things to focus at : in the game, stick hero, you need to look at the platform in front of you. On that next platform will be a small red dot thing.
If your stick lands on the red dot on the next platform you get a +1.
So that's like a simple -easy-to-get point kinda thing. If you miss the red dot, there's always a next platform :)

Step 4: Step 5

Another thing to focus on : along your way over the platforms and sticks, your going to find red cherries.
You should collect them and see if you have enough to buy another figure (with cherries.)

Another thing you should really know about is, while your figure is crossing the platform, you can press on it to go upside down and press again to go back up.
This information is mainly useful because, if there's a cherry underneath your stick, you can press quickly to collect it.:)

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I hope you found some of this information helpful.
(If I had to rate this game on a scale through 1-10 I would honestly rate it an 8 :))

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