Introduction: How to Recolor Pokémon Sprites

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In this Instructable I'll show you how to recolor Pokémon sprites. A sprite is a 2D figure that is mostly used in video games. You can recolor these sprites the way you like them. In the picture above you can see that I recolored Squirtle.

It is very simple and the only things you'll need are:

  • A browser
  • A paint program (I use Photoshop Elements 13, but every paint program with a one pixel brush will do...)
  • A mouse or a Drawing Tablet (I use the Drawing Tablet)

That's it! Now you can start to recolor your Pokémon!

Step 1: Get Your Sprite

So, First you'll need a sprite to recolor. I use PokemonDB to get my sprites. You can type a Pokémon name in the search bar located on the top-right corner of the screen. For my example, I'll get Pikachu.

  1. Go to PokemonDB or to another website to get a pokemon sprite. I'll do with PokemonDB.
  2. Search in the Search bar the Pokémon you need.
  3. When you are on the page of the Pokémon, click on Sprites.
  4. Then, click on More Sprites.
  5. On the page that appears, you can choose the sprite that you want and right-click on it and click on Save Image (or in my case: Afbeelding Opslaan Als).

Now you have your sprite!

Step 2: Think

Now, you have to think about how you want to color it.
Don't color it blue with red or such a combination, because it is eye-hurting.

Choose for example light-green with yellow. Only if your sprite has naturaly two colors or if you want to add another color. After you did that, it's time to color!

Step 3: Color!

Now grab you mouse or tablet and open your paint program. My example is going to be Squirtle. I'm going to make him green. So take the sprite you've downloaded, and open it in your paint program. The second step is only for Photoshop, if you use Paint or something else, skip the second step on this page.

  1. Select the Pencil Tool and reduce the size to 1 pixel.
  2. Go to Image > Mode and switch Indexed Color to RGB Color.
  3. Choose the main color you want your sprite to have. In my case I want green.
  4. Now, lighten the color to fill in the lightest pieces in the sprite.
  5. Now, Start filling in the lightest pieces!
  6. Now, darken your color a little and fill in the next color.
  7. Go on till your sprite is filled.

Step 4: Save

Now, Save your file as a PNG and your recolored sprite is done!

Happy Spriting!