Introduction: How to Setup Your Full Spectrum Laser Water Cooling System

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I received my Full Spectrum Gen 5 Hobby laser cutter / Engraver today, there are a few additional things required to get one of these lasers up and running. This instructable will go over the minimum required steps for water cooling your laser. 

This is a link to the laser I purchased, yes it's expensive but its  still a lot cheaper then an epilog zing starter laser. 

Step 1: Materials / Tools Required


1. 5 Gallon Home Depot Bucket 
2. 5 Gallon Home Depot Bucket Lid
3. 1/2 inch rubber hose, 2 x 3ft pieces (these should come with your 5th Gen Hobby Laser)
4. Water Pump with 1/2 Inch Barb fitting (this should have been provided with your 5th Gen Hobby Laser)
5. 5th Gen Full Spectrum Hobby Laser 
6. At least 2 Gallons of DISTILLED water (I used 4 Gallons)


1. 1/2 Drill bit
2. Cordless or Corded Drill
3. Wire Cutters

Step 2: Drilling Holes and Cutting Notches

Take your cordless drill and drill 2, 1/2 inch holes I drilled my close to an edge as my bucket will be up against the wall and the tubes will be running against the wall. You require 2 holes because you need a pump tube and a return / drain tube.  Next cut a small notch in the edge of the bucket just a little bit bigger then the electrical cord that comes out of the pump. 

Step 3: Connect Tubes to Laser

Now that we have prepared the bucket, Connect the pump to one of the two hoses to and connect the other end onto the water in labeled port on the 5th Gen Hobby Laser. Connect the other hose to the water out port on the back of the 5th Gen Hobby laser, this hose just drains warm water back into the bucket.  Add the 2 Gallons of Distilled water to the bucket and prime ( in other words turn on the pump and make sure all the air bubbles have been removed from the laser tube) the laser before turning it on. 

Step 4: Time to Engrave!

I'm still learning, once I learn more I will do an instructable on how to engrave / cut! 

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