Introduction: How to Speed

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Speeding is the act of driving a vehicle over the posted speed limit in that area. This can allow you to get to destinations quicker although it isn't legal or safe. Please use this discreetly and with caution. For purposes of legality and safety, I will demonstrate speeding in this tutorial by driving 15 MPH in a 10 MPH zone.

Step 1: Acquire Car

If you do not have a car but have a strong desire to complete this tutorial, you can buy a new car from a dealership. Car dealerships exist all around the world. Some popular brands of cars these dealerships offer are Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and many more. You can also buy used cars for a cheaper price at other dealerships. Before beginning step 4, make sure you car is able to run and has gas. If it doesn't run, then you might need to take it to a repair shop.

Step 2: Identify Speed Limit of Desired Speeding Zone

Find the stretch of road you would like to speed on. It would be wise to choose a road that isn't traffic heavy as heavy traffic can cause problems with reaching the desired speed and also cause some safety issues to both yourself and other drivers.

Step 3: Acquire Basic Knowledge of Driving a Vehicle and Fulfill Drivers License Requirements

If you are not old enough to legally drive a vehicle, I strongly advise against finishing this tutorial. If you are old enough but don't have a license, you need to acquire your drivers permit. This can be done at your local DMV. You will have to take a test and pass with a minimum of 80%. After you acquire your permit, you need to fulfill a few requirements before you can get your license. For example, you might need to wait 6 months after getting your permit before getting your license, drive a certain amount of hours, etc. Until you have your license in your possession, please strongly consider the consequences if you are caught speeding without your license.

NOTE: This above material refers to the laws and regulations established in the state of Utah. These laws and regulations may vary from state to state.

Step 4: Drive Vehicle Into Desired Speeding Zone

Turn on your vehicle and now drive it into the desired speeding zone and get ready. You may want to wait until you know that you won't cause an accident in the area you chose.

Step 5: Push Accelerator Until Your Speed Exceeds That of the Speed Limit

Push the accelerator until the speedometer in your car exceeds that of the posted speed limit. Make sure you are paying sufficient attention to the road ahead and anything else that you could cause a danger to. After you have sufficiently sped to your desire, immediately proceed to slow back down to the posted speed limit to ensure safety to everyone including yourself.