How to Stay Relaxed and Positive

Introduction: How to Stay Relaxed and Positive

There comes a time in your life, in everyone's life, that we just can't anymore. We're stressed to the limit and we're working ourselves into comas for other people. Our parents, teachers, maybe even friends! When this happens, we all need to stop. We need a day to ourselves. A day off. If you're studying, stop and hear me out. If you're working, do this on a weekend. You deserve it.

Step 1: Breathe

The first thing you need to do to relax yourself is to breathe. Take 3, slow, deep, breaths. In...out. In...out. In...out. I promise you, you will be significantly more calm and tranquil than you were.

Step 2: Hot Tea

After you are semi-calm, you need something that will soothe you, and make you happy. Hot Camomile Tea will do this for you. If you have a pretty garden, or scenery near a window, drink your tea while staring at it. It may sound weird, but looking at something peaceful and beautiful has always helped me become happy again.

Step 3: Bathe

You've calmed yourself to the point where you aren't stressed anymore. But that's not enough. No, you deserve much more than that. So now it is time for a bath. Not only will it clean you off, but it will make you forget everything that has ever worried you. If it helps, put sweet-scented candles around the bath. I love doing that, because it feels like I'm in a dream.

Step 4: Music

After your bath, it's time to mentally escape our little world, and take adventures in the infinite world of music. Put on your headphones, pick your favorite music, or listen for something new, and sit in your favorite chair. Close your eyes, and fly away for a while...have fun!

Step 5: Sleep

You are now, without a second thought, very, very, relaxed. You've taken deep breaths, had hot tea, taken a long, needed, bath, and listened to stories told by music. The last thing for you to do is sleep. If it is not night, take a short nap, then watch your favorite tv show. If it is night, grab your favorite book, or an unfinished one, and read until you fade away. Your dreams that night should be pleasant, because you are happy and tranquil at the heart and mind. When you wake up, take on the world. Or, if you have the day off again, do something fun with family or friends. Have an amazing life, please, you only have one!

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    7 years ago

    Thank you both :)


    7 years ago

    Great advice. Stress can be so damaging to our health, it is good to stop and take care of ourselves.