Introduction: How to Store Your K'nex Efficiently : a Complete Guide

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Hi guys!

Do you want to make your K'nex builds faster, more efficient, and keep a count of your pieces? Well, here is a way! It will take a few hours, but this will save days in your construction work!

This a complete guide, and mostly, you will need a few boxes and of course, K'nex.(duh!)

So, first of all, I would like to make a note to the people who think that I don't have much k'nex. The K'nex which are used in this i'ble, are NOT all my K'nex. I made Shadowman39's Coin Sorter v2, so many of my pieces went there and the rest in Competitor 107, by JonnyBGood.

Step 1: Choose Yer Boxes!

Ok, so I took a few pics of the boxes that I used. Feel free to look at the pics and find suitable boxes for your K'nex!

Step 2: Take 'em Out!

This step is quite easy!

WARNING: If you have a lot of K'nex, you should take them in groups in 2000-3000 for convenience.

Make sure to break all the blocks of built K'nex. (I had blocks of Defiance at that time) You might also want to sort the pieces out.

Step 3: Filling Up the Rods (Bigger Than Blue)

So, here we are gonna take out the rods of the respective colors- Yellow, Red, Grey. See the way I have put a rubber band around them for making the space taken by them less.

Step 4: Filling Up the Rods (White & Blue)

Now, we will fill the white and blue rods. The box was not shown in the Box step. It is just a regular Spacemaker Box.

Step 5: Filling Up the Rods (Green)

Now, the smallest rod. The size of the box depends on the number of rods you have.

Step 6: Filling Up the 3D Connectors and Wheels

Just as the title suggests. The wheels are at the bottom and the 3D Connectors are kept in separate lidless boxes on top of them.

Step 7: Sorting Up the Rest of the Connectors

Just see the pics!!

Step 8: All DONE!!!!!

You're all done for now!

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