Introduction: How to Unlock Wolf in Super Smash Bros Brawl!

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Hey everybody! Ever heard of a game called super smash bros brawl? It's a game where you play as your favorite characters and fight each other or save the world! But have you always wanted to have more characters? In this instructable, I will show you how to unlock wolf, star fox's nemesis!

Step 1: Required*

To unlock wolf, it is required that you pass the "Subspace Emissary" game mode first. To be 100% sure, your save file should have a rainbow crown on it. If so, carry on.

Step 2: Level Select

Go to the level titled,"the ruins".

Step 3: Character

When the game asks you which characters, it is required that you choose Fox and Falco. They don't have to be the first ones you use, but make sure to bring them along.

Step 4: Directions

You should start next to a minecart. Take it and proceed through out the level. You need to stop at the part when you ride on a platform and it disappears. You will start falling until you reach land. The area above where Falco is standing is where a door should be. It's not there in the photo because I already have Wolf. You need to go inside that door and a cutscene will play.

Step 5: Battle Tips on How to Defeat Wolf

Wolf will be very tough to beat. Even If you set the level on easy, you will still need effort. Wolf doesn't have a good recovery move in my opinion. Start by bringing his damage parcentage up with basic attacks. You will have to dodge a lot, too. Once he has a fair enough amount of hit points, try using your up and side smashes. If he is about to recover, try a technique called " edge hogging". An edge am can only occupy one person at a time, so cling on the edge before he gets close enough.

Step 6: Good Job!

After you've beaten him, he will join the brawl and becomes one of the characters in a basic brawl. Viola! You have unlocked one of the sixteen secret characters in brawl! I hope this has helped a lot. Sorry if I wasn't too clear. Please favorite for future use. Comment any questions you have. Follow for more instructables! Up next: How to unlock Jigglypuff!