How You Can Do a Pallet Bench-shoerack Yourself - VIDEO




Introduction: How You Can Do a Pallet Bench-shoerack Yourself - VIDEO

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Now we're going to share with you a tutorial video of a pallet furniture that has two functions at the same time. It’s a bench and a shoerack too. You can sit on it while put on your shoes and also have a little space to store them.

Enjoy it! ;)

what you need:

  • 2 pcs of 120x80cm pallets
  • saw or jig saw
  • hammer and nails
  • sanding papers or tool
  • woodpaint, paintbrush
  • drill
  • measuring tape
  • + and the most important: safety tools!


Step 2:

Saw a 33cm - 13in part or a size what kind of entry bench you want. (You can see a pic of it in the video.) We used jig saw to the faster work, but a simple saw also a good choice.

! safety first !

Always use goggles, respirator and gloves to protect yourself.

Step 3:

From the rest of the pallet you can finish the bench andalso create the legs. Take apart it - we used a sabre saw, but if you don't have any, use an iron saw.

- the top and the bottom:

After that need a 80cm - 31,5in slat and clinch 3 cubes on it and join it to the first separated part of the pallet. After you turn around this part of the bench-shoerack, fix the slats on the other side too. <<< Need 2 from this part - it will be the top and the bottom of the furniture.

- the legs:

Need 2 pcs of 33cm - 13in slats and 2 pcs of cubes for the legs. Simple you join them each other.

Repeat the full process once more by the second pallet!

Step 4: Sanding

Keep sanding until the surface is free from all rough things. We used a sanding tool with 80 grit paper. By the hard approachable surface use a piece of slat and wind around the grit paper...or use a rotary sanding tool, much easier work.

After that, brush the dust off.

Step 5: Paintwork

Almost the last step is paintwork, we used mahagony colour wood paint. Let the surface dry completely, it takes 24 hours.

Step 6: Joint

Hole where the parts of the entry shoe storage bench will join each other. After that mark the place of the next holes
with a help of nail. - So the parts will pass correctly. Use carriage bolts in order to the bench will be stable and join the parts.

Step 7: Finally

Step 8:

Check the video tutorial, we hope will motivate you to "do it yourself". Have fun!

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    5 years ago

    cool. i bet "Mister Rogers" would've loved this :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you :))


    5 years ago

    Simple yet exquisite, thanks for sharing


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you :)