Introduction: How Did My Own Ax Throwing

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Hello people of instructables that apparently opened that instructables, today I want to show the steps of creating an ax throwing, and in my particular case I did not spend anything, and will not be by the time I used found materials.

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Step 1: Look for Metal

It's amazing how you can save money on your home lost metal look like axarremessso needs to be light, you will not pressisar forge the blade of the ax, simply find asturdy metal plate in my case, I used the metal was a machete.

Step 2: To Form the Metal

Now you have to decide which is the ideal way blade of his ax, after choosing the ideal way you'll do it get in the way when sawing or breaking the metal, is easy when rusted and find a way to shape the metal.

Step 3: The Cable

To choose a cable look for a wooden stand firm and comfortable when held, and that wood is lightweight for easy throwing.

Step 4: Making the Cable

To make the cable start cutting and sanding the edge to leave that part where you hold more comfortable and also improve firmness to hold, then you will choose the size of the cable and saw the replacement, you will after sawing the upper cable until the blade is at the right time.

Step 5: Some Improvements in Blade

Well, if you really want the ax to be functional, you should sharpen the cutting edge, in my case I used an electric grinder, due to obvious facts. Also is good to put two holes to preach the blade in the handle.

Step 6: Final Mounting Portion

Now we just need to join the blade to the handle, so I suggest you use nails, but first make sure your wood will not break also is good to use a cord to the blade becomes firmer, in my case I used a half artisanal and put the coiled cord where'll hold.

Step 7: Enjoy!

You will see that it is amazing throw an ax as a weapon of muslin, at the end of all the work and money spent not earned merit.


° The ax is fully functional, so be careful not to hurt yourself or others;

° The ax is funcinal, however, not be forged, he can not take strong impact, so do not cut wood using it;

° No responsabolizo me for any damage caused during manufacture or use;

° With this great power comes great responsibility

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