How Not to Be "that Guy" at the Gym

Introduction: How Not to Be "that Guy" at the Gym

Study the video for the 10 examples of the worst (most obnoxious/annoying) types of guys you will meet at the gym.

If you fulfill any of the example criteria in the video than you are "That Guy" in the gym. 

Others will probably look at you and be slightly annoyed by you when they are trying work out.
In order to change your ways, you can do a few of the following things.

-  Take off your sunglasses
-  Stop telling people to do "good form in the gym" 
-  Lower the weight that you are using (trust me your gains will go up)
-  Concurrently with the last bullet; make sure You are doing good form because most people will not try to coach you
-  Dont sing to music from your headphones... People cant hear the song you are listening to.
-  Dont bring your entire supplement wardrobe to the gym.
-  Wear proper attire. (you don't want to ruin your jeans when you workout)

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    6 years ago

    Great vid. Very true and very funny