Introduction: How to Add Fleece to a Hat

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I have crocheted a hat for myself but the first time I went outside and it was a bit windy I had cold ears. I decided to do something about it. I went to my local sewing shop and looked for a nice fabric that will work. I decided to use fleece it is soft and keeps the wind out.

Because I don´t have a sewing mashine this instructable will show how to sew this by hand.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need:

- a hat (croched it yourself or use a bought hat)

- fleece

- a needle

- yarn

Step 2: Measure

Measure out your hat. You need to write down the hight and the circumference at the bottom.

Step 3: Fleece

Now to the fleece. You want to make an inner hat. To do so use those measurements and cut the cloth. If you use fleece you have two different sides. One fluffy side (right side) and one not fluffy side (wrong side). Because it´s hard to tell the difference I put papers that say what side it is on the pictures.

Step 4: Sew a Tube

Lay the fleece out and fold it in half, the not fluffy side is on the outside. At the end his will be at the inside of the hat and will not be seen.

Once you folded it you need to sew it togehter. Remember you want to sew an inner hat so don´t sew the bottom together but the side. (See the red arrow)

Step 5: Make It Into a Hat

Now you need to sew the top. Sew with a wide range (red dots), just sew around but don´t sew the two layers together. Then pull the string and fasten it until you get a hat. Now you need to fix it, just close each hole that might come up and you have an inner hat. It´s ok if it´s not perfect, no one will see.

Step 6: The Tricky Part

Now it gets a bit tricky. Turn the fleece hat that you have the fluffy side on the inside. And turn the hat inside out that you have the wrong side on the outside. Lay them together like on picture 2.

Step 7: Sew

Sew it together but leave about 5cm / 2 inches befor you close the circle.

Now you need to turn it inside out, first turn the fleece (picture 4) and then the hat (picture 5) though itself inside out. Then you have the hat the right way around and the fluffy side at your head.

The next thing to do is to sew the hole (picture 6).

When you have a crocheted hat like me you won´t even see where you closed the hole.

Put the fleece into the hat and fix the top with a few stiches that you don´t always pull everything out once you take off your hat.

Step 8: There You Go

There you go - Fleece added to your Hat -

Now the winter can come but your ears will be warm!

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