Introduction: How to Add Video to Your Scrapbook

About: TINE is what you would get if you combined a Post-it Note with Youtube and it is the easiest way to stick video, audio or photo messages to the world around you.

Who doesn’t like taking a trip down memory lane? Everyone has their own way of reminiscing about the best times of their lives, and a very popular one is by making a scrapbook. Maybe you recently celebrated your daughter’s 7th birthday, and want to make better memories than just pictures. What if you found out that there’s a better way of storing those memories in your scrapbook? Yes, you read that right! Enter TINE Tag, a revolutionary app that lets you store a video, audio or photo message into tiny stickers that you can stick on your scrapbook. Let’s face it: the only thing better than a scrapbook is an interactive scrapbook! Here’s how:

What You’ll Need:

  • An iPhone or an Android phone with the TINE Tag app installed (downloadable from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store)
  • TINE tags (you can order them for free in-app)
  • Your scrapbooking materials

Before anything else, make sure to order the tags from the TINE app. The tags are free and should arrive within 2-5 business days.

Step 1: Stick a TINE Tag

Stick a TINE Tag on the memorabilia that you want to put in your scrapbook. A copy of the invitation works really well.

Step 2: Scan the TINE Tag

Open the TINE app on your phone and tap Scan. Align the sticker within the white borders and wait for confirmation that the tag has been scanned.

Step 3: Add Video

The app takes you to the Quick Setup page. Tap Video Message.

Step 4: Choose the Video to Add

Hit Choose Existing Video and add a video of the guests singing your son a happy birthday as he blew his candles.

Step 5: Voila!

Done and done! Just tap Save then glue the item to your scrapbook and scan it whenever you’re feeling nostalgic in the future. Now, you can take a more creative trip down memory lane!

Don't forget to download TINE Tag (and order the tags from within the app for free) from the App Store or Google Play.