Introduction: How to Bathe Your Dog

Ever wonder how to get your dog to stop smelling? Well go no further as I have the instructable for you!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Luckily the materials needed are readily available and at low cost. To start with all you need is two towels, pet-friendly shampoo, and a shower with running water. The steps shown below will also work with cleaning your canine outside with a hose. All materials can be found at your local retail store.

Friendly reminder to bathe your animals in pet-friendly, organic shampoo!

Step 2: Setting Up

Start by running your water and testing the temperature so it is desirable for your dog. For smaller breeds like our demonstrating buddy Max, room temperature water should be used, which is 72 degrees. For bigger breeds, a cooler temperature below 70 and above 60 degrees should be used.

While you are waiting for the water to get desirable, grab one of the two towels, and set it alongside the bathtub. This will help with water that may splash out.

Step 3: Getting Started

Once you have the water at the temperature that works best, it is time to put your beloved family member into the tub. For this demonstration, we left water in the tub for Max because it seemed to help calm him down. This is optional.

Step 4: Washing

For a simplified version of this step, a detachable shower head comes in handy. But if not, don't worry, a cup will work just fine.

All you need to do is start rinsing the dog with water until they are fully soaked. Rubbing the water in will help with thicker-haired dogs.

Step 5: Shampoo

There is a video attached for a visual demonstration on how to shampoo!

Reminder to shampoo the entire dog thoroughly!

Step 6: Final Rinse

This step is almost a redo of step 4. The only difference is is that shampoo is needed to be rinsed off. Make sure to thoroughly rinse off all of the shampoo!

Step 7: Time to Dry

Once all of the shampoo is fully rinsed from your furry friend, you can place them on the towel set alongside the bathtub, and begin drying them off with the other towel! Dry them as much as you can, you won't be able to get them completely dry, but it helps.

When done drying put materials away!