Introduction: How to Bead a Necklace

Make sure to have good lighting and a flat surface to work on.

Step 1: Materials

  1. Silver beading wire
  2. Needle Nose Pliers
  3. Round Tip Pliers
  4. Flush Cutters
  5. Crimp Pliers
  6. Clasp
  7. Beads
  8. Crimp beads
  9. Bead Pallette
  10. Jumper hoops
  11. Clasp scissors

Step 2: Suggestions

  • Gather all the materials needed
  • Make sure to have adequate (satisfactory) lighting
  • Make sure to have about 30-60 minutes to finish your product

Step 3: Lay Out Your Beads

Using the bead pallette, which is made for organizing your beads and any materials you may need, lay your beads out in the style that you want.

Step 4: Cut Wire

Measure the silver beading wire to the length that you want.

  • Make sure to leave extra wire for crimping the ends

Step 5: Cut Wire

Using the Flush Cutters, cut your wire at the right length.

Step 6: Crimp Bead 1

Using the clasp scissors;

  • Clasp the end of the wire
  • Bead the crimp bead onto the wire
  • String the wire through the crimp bead to make a loop

Step 7: Crimp the Crimp Bead

Using the Crimp Pliers

  • place the crimp bead in the inner most area of the crimp pliers
  • squeeze the pliers to make the bead shape like a c
  • move the crimp bead to the next notch on the pliers
  • squeeze the pliers to flatten the crimp bead
  • move crimp bead to the tip of the pliers and squeeze to flatten

Step 8: Begin Beading

Start beading your beads on the wire in order that is laid on the bead pallette making sure to follow your pattern that is laid out. Also remember to frequently check your necklace as you bead, as to make sure you don't miss a bead.

Step 9: Crimp Bead 2

After finishing with the beading of your design;

  1. bead a crimp bead on the end
  2. clasp the end of the wire
  3. string the wire through the crimp bead a second time


After stringing the crimp bead and crimping the crimp bead;

  • keep the clasp scissors on the end for easy handling

Step 11: Add Clasp

  1. Open a jumper hoop slightly
  2. Add clasp to the jumper hoop

Step 12: Add Clasp to Necklace

  1. Place jumper hoop and clasp on one end of the necklace
  2. Close jumper hoop using needle nose pliers

Step 13: Add Jumper Hoop

On the opposite end of the necklace;

  1. Open jumper hoop using round tip pliers
  2. Place the necklace on the jumper hoop
  3. Close jumper hoop using the needle nose pliers
  4. Cut extra wire from the necklace

Step 14: Suggestion 2

After your necklace is finished;

  • make sure the clasp works
  • replace if necessary

Step 15: Adding Extra

If you want to add anything that would hang;

  • use a design that is for making earrings
  • make sure your design allows for adding