Introduction: How to Bring New Life to an Old Baseball Cap

After Many years of use it gave out. Here i took it apart and show you the tools i will be using.

- sharp knife i used a head knife.

-straight edge


-wing divider

-pricking irons for makring stitch holes since we will be sewing this by hand

Step 1: Cutting Buckle Piece

Cut out and 18mmx40mm piece of leather. This will be for the buckle piece.

In the second photo I skive the edges where I will sew later on so its not so thick. The leather I chose is on the thicker side at 7oz

Step 2: Edge Work

Next we take some gum trag or water and saddle soap and apply to to edges with friction from canvas to get a nice slick look and feel.

Step 3: Decorative Crease OPTIONAL

This is an optional step and is purely aesthetic

Step 4: Strap Piece

Cut a 18mm wide x 130mm long piece of leather for the strap. Stick it into the hat where the old plastic peice was and mark how deep it needs to go with a scratch awl.

Step 5: Glue

Glue the buckle piece closed with the buckle in place. If you use a contact cement use protection VOC mask.

Step 6: Holes for Buckle on Strap

Next find the correct punch diameter for your buckles prong. Then I used the old plastic pieces existing holes to give me an even spacing. Mark with scratch awl.


Step 7: Punch Through

Step 8: Sew the Buckle Secure

Next get your Pricking irons/Stitching Chisels/Fork (Ha!) and mark right under neath the buckle so that it stays in place.

Step 9: Sewing

Next we get our thread and wax it with bees wax. I'm using Linen thread and sewing at nine stitches per inch. Then iI i clamp it into my stitching pony and saddle stitch. For help with saddle stitching I recommend purchasing a copy of The Art of Hand Sewing Leather

Step 10: Last Minute and Optional Step

I decided to line the strap piece to give the backside a finished look as opposed the the rough back of the leather.

Apply glue to both pieces of leather, wait a few minutes for glue to dry then tack together. Make sure you glue the strap to a larger piece of leather then trim the excess off. It is much easier than trying to match to equal pieces of leather perfectly

Step 11: Sewing the Strap to Lining.

After the glue is set take your wing dividers and open them to 3.5mm. Then drag them along the edge to mark a ling for you stitching. Then grab your pricking irons and punch holes through the line you marked with your wing divider.

Step 12: Back to Sewing.

Grab your thread and wax again if using linen thread. Then Saddle stitch.

Step 13: Final

Put them in the Hat where the old plastic pieces were and just sew right through!

Looks better than original!

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