Introduction: How to Brush and Floss

How do you clean your teeth and make sure they stay clean?

The basic way to keep your teeth clean would be to brush and floss them.

Step 1: Floss

Should take out about 18 inches of floss

Step 2: Floss

W wrap them around your middle fingers. There should only be around five inches left of the floss

Step 3: Floss

seesaw in between the teeth

Step 4: Foss

Make a “C” shape and go up and down on one side of the tooth and then move the floss to the other side and go up and down again

Step 5: Floss

To get the floss out of the interproximal section of your teeth see-saw it out. If the floss gets dirty unwrap some from your fingers and twist a new section up. Keep see-sawing in and out of the teeth and keep going up and down.

Step 6: Brushing

The first thing to do is get any brand of toothbrush but it should be soft bristled. Get the soft bristled toothbrush wet if that is what you do

Step 7: Brushing

Now put a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush

Step 8: Brushing

Then take the toothbrush and at a 45-degree angle in the mouth. it should rest between your gums and teeth.

Step 9: Brushing

sweep downwards, don’t forget to overlap the sweeps.