Introduction: How to Build a Bar Stool Using Plastic Bottles?


Today i will show you How To Build A Bar Stool From Plastic Bottles. Plastic bottles can be recicled. If you heat them, they will decrease in size and connect the parts very tightly.

Step 1:

Tools that i used for this project:

- Heat gun

- Japanese saw

- Screwdriver

- Digital Protractor Angle Ruler

Step 2:

First of all, we need to do a top of our bar stool. For this i took a pine board 30 cm wide, and cut lenght 45 cm. So, my stool top will be 30*45 cm.

Step 3:

Now i will be making a legs for stool. I used pine board 45*45mm with rounded corners. I cut 4 legs. After that, i clamp them together and sanded with a sandpaper and a screwdriver. In that way all 4 legs will be the same length.

Step 4:

Now i will be making a frame for stool. I used pine board 15*150cm. I cut 4 pieces. As a result i have got such a box. I put the leg down and marked where I should make the cuts.

Step 5:

That frame looks too massive, so i decided to cut a little bit of wood. I made a rounded corners with a screwdriver.

Step 6:

As a result i have got such U-shape pieces. I clamp them together and sanded with a sand paper.

Step 7:

Now we need to connect our top and frame of the stool. For this i make 4 cuts in the top of the stool. I will be connect this parts with plastic bottles. I cut bottles in 3 pieces.

Step 8:

When heated, the plastic shrinks and squeezes the two pieces together tightly. When the plastic cooled down, I decided to cut off the excess and make them the same size.

Step 9:

Now I will attach the stool legs. I will also used plastic bottles.

I cut one corner with a knife. In this way it will be easier to insert leg into the plastic.

Heating with a heat gun and cut off the excess parts.

Step 10:

We're almost done! The only thing we need to do is add a leg bar. I used pine board 35*18mm.

Step 11:

That's it! We've done everything! I'm really surprised how strong a plastic bottle can be to connect the parts together. Don't throw away the bottles. Apply them in your projects!
Hope you enjoyed it!