Introduction: How to Build a Barbecue Chimney

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In this video I'm going to show the construction build process for a metal chimney for the barbecue. For that we will use titanium plates, steel platens, steel angles, weld, stainless steel rivets.
This chimney is stainless, and very durable.


3m2 Stainless steel plate........... 200€

4m Steel angle 30x3.6mm ........ 15€

16m Steel platen 25x3mm...........44€

250x INOX steel rivets 4x12mm...30€

2xHigh temperature silicone......16€


Welding rods&cutting disks........20€

Step 1: Take Measure From the Barbecue Hole

Take measure from the barbecue hole

Step 2: Adapt the Design to Your Measures

Adapt the design to your measures, here are the measure I used.

Step 3: Cut With a Circular Saw Steel Platen

Cut with a circular saw steel platen

Step 4: Weld Steel Platen an Angles to Mount the Skeleton

Step 5: Paint the Skeleton With High Temperature Resistant Paint

Paint the skeleton with high temperature resistant paint

Step 6: Cut the Stainless Steel Sheets

Cut the stainless steel sheets, draw them in the plate with a pen and cut with the circular saw

Step 7: Drill the Holes

Drill the holes in to the sheets and the skeleton

Step 8: Apply the Fire Proof Silicone

Apply the fire proof silicone in between the skeleton and the sheets

Step 9: Use the Rivets

Place rivet to hold the sheets to the skeleton

Step 10: Put the Chimney on the Bbq

Put the chimney on the bbq and make holes to the basement

Step 11: Apply Fire Proof Silicone

Apply fire proof silicone between the chimney and the bbq

Step 12: Put the Screws

Put the screws

Step 13: Clean the Chimney

Clean the chimney use vinegar