How to Build a Nightlight Creeper




Introduction: How to Build a Nightlight Creeper

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Hi guys! This is Floppyman2! Seeing this new minecraft challenge had given me an idea... It had inspired me to create a Creeper-themed Nightlight! I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and be sure to leave a vote!

Step 1: Getting the Materials

For this project you will need-

A plug-in nightlight


Hot glue gun

Green spray paint

Black card



Step 2: Cutting

First make six 6x6 cm squares, then create four 1.5x5 inch rectangles and finally, four

Step 3: Hot Glueing

First, using the six squares, create a 3D cube and with the four rectangles, create a 3D rectangle and glue the head on top. Then, create a small rectangle and glue it underneath the body. Then cut out four small rectangles and glue them on as the legs.

Step 4: Adding the Light

First, put your nightlight in the top of the head of your model. make two small holes where the power chords will be and push the light through.

Step 5: Spray Painting

Finally, for the spray painting, take the nightlight out of the head of your creeper and lay it head down on a tarp or on the grass. MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A MASK BEFORE USING SPRAY PAINT. Then, shake the can and paint away! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and make sure you leave a vote.

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    That's a cute night light idea :)


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