Introduction: How to Build a Really Complex Workbench in a Weekend!

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Now there are a lot of videos and tutorials out there to build the simplest workbench ever in a weekend using only 3/4" plywood and some 2x4's....but, all of these benches are literally just a table top with legs and sometimes a shelf. So, I don't want just a table for a bench. I want a beast of a workbench with drawers and a vise! So I came up with this bench that involves some really simple construction and hardly any tools. All I used was a circular saw (you can use a jig saw), and a drill. My design features 24 drawers (12 on each side), a bench vise, an overhang that I designed to store my garbage can underneath to use up wasted space, a 4' by 8' bench top, a large cubby section in the middle to store all of my power tools that come in those big plastic cases, and it's on wheels!!! You do not have to know anything about woodworking or construction to build this yourself! I used one jig that I constructed out of 3/4" plywood and two screws to build this entire bench! That one jig makes building this bench so easy that a four year old can do it!!! Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials!

You will need:

  • wood (Preferably in log form)
  • A mini fridge full of cold drinks and soda pop to keep you going while you build this.
  • A good heart

Step 2: Gear!

That last step covered what you will need...this step covers what you will need to wear. It's very important that you don't drop a log on your toe or saw off your leg. Most people wear some steel toed work boots, but I really like to wear flip flops sandals. I think that most accidents while using a power tool are caused from lack of relaxation. Flip Flops enable me to pursue my inner self and relax in such a manner that my mind is above all tools and I can control my own self and my actions by deepening my thoughts and feeling the aura of my own self and my flip flops.

Step 3: The Tool Rules

Follow the tool rules and memorize them before you start building.

Step 4: Okay the First Thing

Okay the first thing you need to do is take one piece of wood and put it next to another piece of wood. Draw a smiley face on one piece of wood and write "I am a silly waffle". Next, hammer a nail through one piece and into the next. Make sure that the two pieces of wood are free to spin. This will be the impeller for our airplane.

Step 5: The Table Top

Now throw that away.

Step 6: WD40

You are going to need some good ol' WD40 to attach the vise to your bench top. I put mine in a window cleaner bottle for convenience. To attach the vise, use the one hole and track jig that we built in step 4. To use the jig, mark the screw holes in the back plate of the vise and transfer them to the key alignment positioning holes on your one hole tracking jig. Center the makaloniam transferring method of probability to your keys and drill away! Remember your 2-4-7 math.

Step 7: The Drawer Jig

We're about to do a lot of work in the next step, so let's just calm down for a second and admire that we're more than halfway through the bench! The legs and wheels are put together and we have the bench top on the frame and we have just constructed our drawer holes. Now, look at my legs.....Notice how they are not bleeding from a power tool accident....the flip flops help with my aura and sense of happiness and content in life. Always remember to remember that.

Step 8: WORK

Okay, this is going to be a lot of work but you need to carve 37 bowls on a wood lathe. I did it. I've been there. I was in your sandals at some point but I got through the work and it is going to pay off in habaneros and salamanders.

Step 9: Some More Stuff to Go With Your Bench.

Now having a bench is no fun unless you have a few other things to go along with your bench. I built a hardware cabinet and a clamp rack using that same one hole tracking jig that we made in step 4. As long as you understand that theory of complex diversity yolotangia and slukavia and the probabality of beach's flip flops and lace head gear, you should be fine. Congratulations! You made an awesome bench in a weekend! Now go out to the movies or a mini golfing excursion in celebration! Please follow my instructable channel, and my twitter, Facebook, pinterest, instagram, myspace, google plus, youtube, and my tinder. Thanks guys! Have a great day!