How to Build a Snowman

Introduction: How to Build a Snowman

1. To build a snowman the snow has to be sticky so it can be packed

2. Make a snowball then roll it into a big snowball for the bottom

3. Then make another but smaller

4. Put the the second snowball on the big snowball

5. Then roll another one for the head

6. Place the head on the other snowball

7. Put the carrot on the head for a nose

8. Get 2 sticks for the arms put them in the middle snowman

9. place two 2 rocks as eyes use the other 4 rocks for the mouth

10. Put the hat and mittens on the snowman


A carrot

6 rocks

2 sticks

A hat

A scarf

A pair of mittens

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    4 weeks ago

    Elsa ?
    d'you know how to build a snowman ?
    Just look at this instructable
    (sorry....I had to :p)